Medications are an important and normal part of any infertility treatments and the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. The medications are used to prepare the body for the treatment and to increase the likelihood that more healthy eggs are released from the ovaries, bettering chances for conception. Lauden Pharmacy works extensively with patients and their fertility care providers to be ready with the medications you need.

Fertility Facts and Figures

For normal, fertile couples the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy without external aid is:

  • 20% for any given month;
  • 57% within three months of trying;
  • 75% within six months;
  • 90% within one year and;
  • 95% within two years of attempting pregnancy.

One in six couples attempting pregnancy will have difficulty achieving pregnancy.

Infertility affects women and men equally (15 million people in the US annually).

The ability to achieve a successful pregnancy declines with age:

  • Fertility declines in men after age 50.
  • Fertility declines in women after age 30.
  • 4% of women before age 25 have difficulty achieving a successful pregnancy.
  • 13% of women age 26-34 have difficulty having a baby.
  • 25% of women have difficulty conceiving between the ages of 35-39.
  • By age 40, 34% of women attempting pregnancy will have difficulty achieving pregnancy.