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Lauden Store-frontOur pharmacy offers the unique service of compounding. Compounding is the art of custom-made medications. These medications and doses are difficult to compound for a majority of retail pharmacies and are not commercially available. We work directly with a physician’s request to make medications exactly right for the patient. Lauden Integrative Pharmacy also provides its customers with products and information on homeopathic and herbal medicines.

The unique service of compounding allows us to custom-make medications specific to the patient. At Lauden Integrative Pharmacy we have the tools and the necessary knowledge to measure and formulate different dosage forms that are not available through drug manufacturers.

Does your pharmacist know about herbs and the possible interactions with your medication? At Lauden Integrative Pharmacy we do. Ask our pharmacist about herbs, their medicinal use and if they are right for you. We provide you with the most recent news and information on herbs, their uses and their misuses.

Are you interested in homeopathic medicines? We have the answers to your homeopathic needs. At Lauden Integrative Pharmacy we can direct you to the right homeopathic remedy that matches your individual needs. All single remedies and compounded homeopathic remedies in different strengths i.e. 12C, 30C, and 100C are available through Lauden Pharmacy.

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Continuous Quality Improvment

Lauden Integrative Pharmacy is a Dynalabs CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) Center of Excellence.

This was accomplished by establishing a culture of continuous improvement that uses a cyclical process of testing, analysis and consulting, to continuously improve on products, processes and people.scan_2012_11_16_07_51_24_695_001


  • Analytical Testing – We work with Dynalabs to establish effective testing programs targeted at identifying and monitoring current levels of quality.
  • Data Analysis – Dynalabs assists in analyzing data generated by the testing programs and can identify opportunities to improve products, processes, and people within the pharmacy.
  • Consulting – This process impacts many areas of the pharmacy: policies and procedures, technique of the technicians, regulatory compliance, product and people validation, and beyond use dating. All of this rolls up to establishing a higher level of patient safety.