Careers with Lauden Pharmacy

There are several positions at Lauden Pharmacy that ensure the smooth functioning of our business:

Front-End Clerk – This position is responsible for obtaining the patients prescription and handling the register transaction. The clerk will also answer telephones and submit refill requests for data entry. Pharmacy experience preferred.
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Typist – The typist is responsible for accurate and timely data entry of all new and refill prescription requests. Insurance billing and problem resolution are also handled by the typist, as well as most telephone calls. At Lauden Pharmacy our expectation is that the typist is either a licensed pharmacy technician, or working toward that goal.

Delivery Driver – A good percentage of prescriptions are delivered locally to our patients. The delivery driver is responsible for timely deliveries and maintaining HIPAA privacy standards. Our expectation is that the driver is familiar with the local area, and if not, is able to either utilize GPS technology effectively, or communicate with the pharmacy from the road for assistance. Occasionally, the driver will also assist as a Front-End Clerk.

Lab Technician – Our state of the art lab is staffed by pharmacy technicians who compound the medications and prepare the final product. Stellar mathematics is a requirement of the position as all calculations are checked prior to beginning the compounding process. We have a continuous performance improvement program in place which verifies the knowledge and accuracy of our lab staff. State licensure in good standing is required.

Pharmacist – Our staff pharmacists are responsible for verifying the accuracy of each new and refill prescription. Any inconsistencies are identified, and outreach made to the doctor’s office for clarification prior to compounding or dispensing. The pharmacist is also responsible for providing consultations to patients who are receiving new medications or requesting recommendations. In addition, the pharmacist maintains the prescription records as required by state and federal governments. Compounding experience preferred.

Please contact our owner, Ray Reyhani, if you’re interested in joining our team. His email address is: