Cholesterol & Heart Disease

What Your Doctor May not Tell you!

Cholesterol Myths—The Real Science Based Evidence

By Ralph Sanchez, L.Ac., CNS, D.Hom.

If you have been diagnosed with elevated cholesterol, what is your risk for heart disease? Are there nutritional solutions that you can rely on?  Learn more here.

Come and join us in a discussion about:

  • The serious side effects associated with cholesterol lowering medications
  • Cholesterol and diet. Are fats the enemy, or your best friend?
  • The Link Between Inflammation & Heart Disease
  • How supplements reduce your risk for Heart Disease
  • Antioxidants to the rescue!

Positively the best lab assessments to gauge your risk for heart disease

Ralph Sanchez, L.Ac., CNS, D.Hom., is a state licensed acupuncturist, a board certified nutrition specialist, and has a diplomate certification in homeopathic medicine as well.

On behalf of Designs for Health, a leader in the nutraceutical industry, Ralph serves as field consultant to health care practitioners on the applications of nutritional medicine, and protocols.

For over 15 years, Ralph has maintained a private practice of integrative medicine, and is an active Functional Medicine speaker in Southern and Northern California.

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