Dispensing Devices

Lauden Pharmacy only uses the best devices to dispense our compounds.


Topi-click User Instructions


No need to use finger tips!  The domed applicator pad allows topicals to be applied directly to the proper spot. Topi-click was specifically designed to reduce accidental discharge into purse, pocket or luggage.  Counting “clicks” makes it easy to accurately dose medications.




Mega Pump


The MegaPump dispenses a precise and repeatable dosage of its contents and works in any position. Simple and convenient for patients to use.





Ointment Tube with Applicator Handout


The ointment tube is an exceptional dispensing device when used with the applicator for vaginal compounds.





Ointment Jar


The Ointment Jar is our classic dispensing device used for topical compounds and is very accurate when used with a measured spoon.