What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

“Just a little something to thank you for all your assistance and help in getting Copper (Dog) medicine. You were the only one who gave us some hope in keeping Copper alive. We appreciate everything you did and the time spent on the phone with me and my sister-in-law. Thanks again.”

-Bob C.

There are times in all our lives whereby we find ourselves coping with change.

What is challenging about the changes of physical aging is that exactly what we have relied upon for most of our lives – at some point becomes subject to a great deal of change!

Ray, at Lauden Pharmacy, is an expert in regards to the physical changes that are associated with aging – and he makes this passage much easier and much safer with compounding.

We all tend to be surprised when hormones begin to flexuate! However, this time does not need to be miserable – if you know Ray.”

— Donna S.

“I am an MD and have found pharmacists Debbie and Ray to be fantastic generous people. Always willing to collaborate on solving difficult patient problems and they have also been very generous in providing educational materials NOT puff pieces for a product, but solid data I can use to help my patients.”

— Dawn M.

“These people are a blessing to Santa Cruz. Very few compounding pharmacies out there. Good job, Ray!”

— Rick W.

“Thank goodness for this place!

Now we have an alternative to Santa Clara Drug. Lauden charges way less for the medication one of our kitties needs on an ongoing basis, plus they mail it!

Wheeeee! No more having to drive to the pharmacy! Yay! No more wasting gas and causing wear and tear! Woohoo!

If your baby is currently getting meds through Santa Clara Drug and you’d rather have it mailed, look into Lauden. They’re all the way over in Capitola but if it’s being mailed, who cares? They’re a compounding shop just like Santa Clara. We’re saving a big chunk of change and they’re easy to deal with. Yay for them!”

— Sue Ellen E.

“Every try to give a cat medicine? Its not a fun ordeal and usually involves chasing said animal about the house, grabbing them and then trying to place something in their mouths that they have no interest in being placed there. Not to mention there’s teeth and claws involved.

My vet uses Lauden. They are able to add tuna or chicken flavor to most liquid meds which makes the medicine ordeal a bit easier. The staff are helpful, provide dispensing materials appropriate for your “patient” and their customer service is great.

Now if they could only help me chase the cat around the house…”

— Tammie W.

“We’ve been using them for years through several generations of cats now. I’ve been pleased with the service, quality, and price. Compounded meds make our life much easier. I wish they were open on weekends or at least one evening a week because getting there during working hours can be a challenge. We are in Santa Cruz so having meds shipped seems silly.”

— Lynn F.